A Day For Rangers

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have travelled long, sweat blood in the training and faced many obstacles in our journey. We have seen many self oriented people breaching rules and regulations. We are liked less by people including farmers, contractors and officials. But as a green warrior we have maintained our self esteem with much dedication and patriotism. Just like our dress code is outshining other military dresses, our department’s goals are getting fulfilled under the direction of good leaders. For long foresters have been neglected and helped less by the society. Moreover, in many places we see and hear many social feedbacks, comments, mistreats and unethical reactions by the society. Yet, we remained centered in achieving our vision and mandates.

Friends, we are the only guardians who hold valued pride in the country. We are the guardian of country’s most important asset the “Forest”. We are doctors to injured wildlife. In times of forest road construction we are engineers. In court we are lawyers defending our rules, regulations and act. Sometimes we are teachers teaching society right and wrong. We make advocacies as media, we are army in patrolling. We are the so called “Jack of All”. The “Jack” who provide clean water to drink, fresh air to breath and aesthetic beauty to witness.

Today from the core of my heart, I salute all rangers/foresters who have serve tirelessly in guarding natural resources. I pay my respect to all those who have lost their lives in duty and to those who are serving today, I join in celebrating and wish “Happy World Rangers Day”. Today marked an unprecedented occasion in our life as for the first time the green warriors are given a day to hold pride with their career. The most empowering and encouraging move which must be remembered all the time.

Needless to say, in the last six month I have experienced and faced many challenges crossing mountains and peaks, tired, hungry and dehydrated to get the enumeration of forest and wildlife. As a southern paramilitary, life is challenging as the patrolling has to be always with weapons in borders. Road and light connectivity is another obstacle which shakes the peace of southern forester especially at Nichula. Lights get cut off by weeks and road get blocked and eroded due to flash floods. The only means and vehicle “foot” remains active all day and its fuel consumption is only known by people who walk from that road.

Heartfelt to say, I don’t just celebrate this day verbally wishing all rangers “A Happy Rangers Day” rather, I have few messages to be told to all people from different walks of life. With exploitation of human population the pressure on environment has increased, many developmental projects are increasing and at the same time we are benefitted from such projects. However, every year we see rise in forest fires and waste issues due to negligence. A farmer must play his role with control burning of agricultural debris and should monitor his activities properly. To clean his surrounding and land to keep away from waste is his fundamental duty. You can’t just keep watching foresters picking wastes every 9th of month.

Students are the most energetic and alive youngsters who have strong energy to move every obstacles. It’s the duty of students to carry initiatives related to environment. I was a student like you; I remember my commitment put in combating waste issues. I was a “Trash or Waste Management club” captain in college days. We as a team could convert waste in to money which is enough to generate club seed money. Today when I reflect upon my work I feel I have served my purpose and fulfill my duty as a student. Friends, we have that social stigma where one should be rewarded of any work we do. If you expect in return of any work you do, you are not doing anything for the society other than your personal benefit. You have that energy to change community and it is your responsibility as educated personal to teach your parents of waste management and environmental issues. If you do you are so called “Gentle Students”.

I respect teachers for their commitment put in changing the life of student. For morning eight to four, you all rendered the service tirelessly. As a life changer how beautiful it would be if all school in the country has a club called “Waste Management Club”. A club which not only help in keeping school clean but also help community in understanding the disadvantages of waste. For an example; we could see the condition of public toilet before and after formation of Bhutan Toilet Organization. Likewise, I feel your institute can bring good changes in combating waste issues.

Businessman including shopkeepers and private institutes, it is your responsibility to keep you environment clean. How beautiful it would be if shop keeper could tell a kid not to litter the plastic after he/she has eaten the stuff bought from the shop. It is not that we can’t do rather we are too much in personal benefit forgetting the services rendered by the society. So, let us combat such issues together and contribute to this country. A country which must remain green for all times to come.