Search: A journey of weightless sperm till invisible mind

“There are so many gifts
Still unopened from your birthday,
There are so many hand crafted present
That has been sent to you by god,
The beloved does not mind repeating,
“Everything I have is also yours.”
There are so many gifts, my dear,
Still unopened from your birthday.” Hafiz

Life, the only precious gift crafted to us by god will never be so easy and smooth. Because it’s so precious and because it’s so hard to get can never be always a “bed of roses”. From birth till death our life seems to end by searching over something like money, job, luxury, love, happiness etc... Before we are born, millions of sperm started searching for an egg to fertilize. But, only a healthy, fittest and most competent one has found it. The rest gave up because it never realized the unopened birth gifts. We are that successful sperm that has completed the search before and now we are born to search our birth gifts.   For those who feel your emotional life is a function of someone else’s weakness disempowering yourself and empowering those weaknesses to mess your life up, I will share my challenges, a set back where I was particularly searching something to survive.
Born to a simple peasant, I have walked miles and rode less. Walking without slippers I started my schooling from a remote school. I have harsh memories of my parents suffering to get my school fees. Life then was never easy but I have never been so emotional. I walked my head high because I realize there are still thousands who are like me in fact who are worse than me. I continue my search to higher grade. Lower school to Middle to Higher and last the College. The search after college could be one of the most challenging tasks for me. I have only minimum qualification in ride modern environment.
Search for the Job
1st of August 2016, I started exploring the beauty of nature at Jigme Dorji National Park one of the largest National Parks in the country. Under the guidance of visionary foresters, it has boosted my confidence level in searching for my next mission. After completion of month long internship at the park, I continued my search at Wangdue Forest Division. The division with very competent foresters has brightened my way making it smoother and clearer. I have been engaged with every activity that was undertaken by the division. Walking in cold enumerating natural resources, tired and hungry I walked step ahead in searching so called “JOB”. Searching for job never was difficult task nor a thing to be worried of. I knew and I am confident enough to grab it. In mid-december I made and completed one of my important missions. A goal where every student make and every parents dream of. To get a job and stand of their own is the dream where 99% of students make.
The Drama of Modern Search: The Education
Witnessing the drama of people from different walks of life, I often feel the search over birth gift is never going to end even after “death”. Needless to say, with rise in qualification our so called “search” multiplies. We want more of luxuries even though we don’t need it. We Doctorate in Philosophy (phD), Masters in many programs and have higher qualifications. But we never feel  contended. Rather, with rise in qualifications I have seen egotism on rise. Walking chest out, blaming on the system to make system of system and debating till you convince others that you are right. Actually, people are meant to be humble with knowledge of wisdom and compassion when qualification increases because you are the leader who has walked miles ahead. Your thinking level is higher than brainless people like me to lead with more of “wisdom”.
Who Are You!
A poor farmer wakes early in the morning, goes to field and does farm activities thinking to make his life more comfortable. He comes out with a spade on his shoulder happily in the evening. He is happier if his hard work is rewarded with fruit of every seed he saw. He is also filled with sadness if his fruit is ruined with natural disasters. Because there is no guarantee for the success of his work. After few years of working he will be a self reliant farmer with every needs in front. He was a farmer and he will be farmer till end.
A civil servant also wakes in the morning and goes to office. He does his work with full of commitment. He is happy if his work is rewarded with acknowledgement and given his entitlement accordingly. Few years from now he might have a land with small house if not some savings in bank revealing his success. He was a student in the start and becomes farmer or businessman or “jack of all” at the end.
A businessman wakes early in the morning; toil hard to make good income. He is successful if he has good amount of profit and if not the otherwise. After few years if his plan works, he will be entrepreneur with monies backstopping his success. He was a businessman in the start and he becomes entrepreneurs at end with monies.
A true monk/nun wakes early in the morning; work hard to achieve his target. He will never have happiness and sadness if he is really a true monk. Because he knows he is away from the luxuries of world and knows the essence impermanence. After years of study and practice he becomes more humble and companionate. He was a monk when he started and he will be a monk but a monk with wisdom in the end.
We are born by searching, are you going by searching?
As I mentioned in the start, we are born after successful search of healthy sperm. We have played the drama with series of search. Whether to end the search or to continue the search lies in the hand of every individual. Actually, I am none other than useless fellow to write and speak on this topic. But, I am who likes to search over my birth gifts. The gift sent by god in this short period of life time. If you have really opened the birth gifts crafted to you by god, I perceive you will have less homework when you go. All people; Farmer, Civil servants, Businessman and Monk have only one thing that we don’t need to search. That’s the “death”. No one will go searching death and all will have to pass by the hand of “undertaker”. ARE YOU GOING BY SEARCHING?