Chapter One: The Lover's Call

Exactly a year ago,on a glorious winter morning in 2015. Tashi has entered into the world of relationship. A twenty one year old college student who was very simple, silent and who shy away from his friends has turn away his character. Talkative,jolly,funny and proactive are few of his new characters blossom in a month after his paradigm shift leaving all his friends awestruck.

All people around him were shocked, even his favourite botany lecturer was surprised when he stood boldly to answer a question. In a week every corner of college gets ubiquitous by the murmur of Tashi's new behaviour. Days melted in to weeks and weeks in to months. Tashi became more popular and well known within its enchanting environment.

Dorji his childhood and best friend was dump founded when he witnessed him on the stage singing a song. His eloquent and rhetorical lyrics gets in to the veins and nerves of him. Infact the audience chaired by dzongkhag secretary gave an outstanding ovation. Unprecedented in Dorji's life tears of joy rolled over when he saw him being pleasingly accompanied by gorgeous,impeccable and young lady outside the auditorium. "Did he ever drink from the fountain of youth? Or Did he drink  elixir from the hands of God to be the most eloquent singer? Dorji's head turn into 360° with series of questions.
Eager by the change, he moved slowly towards them and sat beside in a new canopy constructed by them a month ago.

"Congratulations Tashi"
"The audience were impeccably amused by your rhetorical song".
"Thank you so much" Tashi said with a toothy grin.

"But, what happened to you. I can't believe if you are the Tashi I have known before. You have changed a lot. Is everything alright?" Dorji said hesitantly with his eyes on his girlfriend. She seems to be kind and faithful.They were romantically holding hands tightly just like a glue stick to paper.
"Yes, I am perfectly fine. The only thing is I dumped the baggage of my tiresome past. Everything in my new life is witnessed from a freshing perspective. As I opened my hearts with love, I felt the only reason for life is to chase my dreams".

Dorji is wordless and all he remembered saying was,"That's great...That's great". They talked for an hour until he realised he has ruined their magical time. He hasn't spoken a word to the girl sitting next to him in last one hour.

"Who is she?" Dorji said as if he wasn't aware of their romantic acts. Deep in his heart he is so hesitant for not speaking a word to her.
"Sonam, she is Sonam my soul mate".
Sonam's face reddened like a ripened plum when she heard them talking about her.

"You are gorgeous and charming. Where are you from?I haven't seen you before" Dorji said before the plum could really fall.
"Thank you. I am from Dawakha one of the village at paro. I joined college recently as a agricultural student.I heard many about you from Tashi. Nice meeting you", Sonam said in a very low voice with her head bent showing a trait of well deciplined students.
"Nice meeting you, please feel free.  I am his best childhood friend. A final year student in Environmental Science. See you around and please feel free if I can be of help anytime". Dorji start on his bike and disappeared in minutes to his home waving them goodbye.

Dorji could not sleep whole night remembering what he has just witnessed. The paradigm shift in the character of his friend. Series of questions floated in his mind spontaneously until he came to the resolution as Sonam his soul mate as the catalyst for change. By then, the morning alarm rang to wake him up. He hasn't slept an hour. He quickly woke and plug in the water boiler to get is tea ready. Behind he thought he will be the first person to get punished from miss Kenley for sleeping in class.

No sooner did Dorji leave home, than they leave to their respective hostel for study. Sonam I mentioned is a daughter of country's richest man Dendup. Unlike her kins she love to live the life of ordinary. Never did she once act rich rather, her simplicity moved all fallow mates to be humble and magnanimous. She is a role model for all girls and an apple of an eye for many boys. Her mother Pelmo died of heart disease leaving Sonam to be horticulturalist as her testament.
Since then, Sonam centered her goals and dreams to fulfil her mother's will. Her father Dendup is bother less about it, rather keeps on chasing the luxury of this materialistic world. He is always apprehensive of losing his dignity as the richest man. He often skip his daily meals for works and sleeps only four hours. Even in his sixties he never keep away chasing gold and diamond and never listen to anyone. All that utter from his mouth is a same phrase,"Life is beautiful if you are the richest".

Strained by what she has witnessed in the day. She picked her phone and dialled to Tashi." I am really surprised by what I heard from Dorji today. Wasn't you like it before? Who are you?"

Tashi took a long breath and said," my dear, I thought you have read the diary I gave a month ago. Ever since I lost my father in 2001, I felt I am the loneliest person in world. My world was full of melanchony and sadness. There wasn't glory, luxury and live until I met you. My morbid and live less expression were hated by many people around. I was very silent. I never sang and dance. Infact I have never been on stage until today. My mother left finding step father and we hardly meet a year. My sister is married to a doctor in Monger. I am all left alone and I...." ,Tashi said with tears rolling over his cheeks.

Wordless by what she has just heard, tears sheded from her eyes like a summer monsoon and in a very low voice she said," I am sorry, please forgive me for asking". "It's okay dear". Tashi hung the phone and get in to the bathroom to rinse his body.

Saddened by the words she directly move towards the bookshelf and picked up the red diary given by him. When she unlock the password, on a first page she saw a phrase," The gateway of true lover". Eagerly she flipped pages by pages until she reach to the last page. It took an hour to throughly cover it. Some were letters written to his father, some about his life and mostly were written about his love towards her. All she could do was cry over it.

Instantly after she finished reading she called him back  and said, " I love you more dear, please don't leave me". Tashi has waited for these words, the words of trust from his lover for months and he happily replied,"I love you too, there is no reason for me to leave you". They talked for hours and hours. Their dreams and future castle were built with words through phone. As if they aren't going to meet again all their future were romantically discussed. It was until morning when their battery gets dead the call ended. Tashi has felt unprecedented happiness and so did Sonam in her life. They rushed towards their study table to get their homework done otherwise their names will be showcased on the notice board. Moreover only a week is left to begin their final examination.