Chapter 2: Karma's Odyssey to Tashigang

Even the Natural Resource College seems to be tired after a week long examination. Students were thoroughly scrutinised in past two weeks with series of logical questions. 30th November marked as the liberation day for all those cage birds. football ground, volleyball and basketball court were never seen vacant since then. All play field seems deserted but remain oblivious except to those mindful onlookers. Girls cheered for their favourite team while boys showcased their styles. The natural stadium with pine leaves blocking the direct sun rays provided perfect shade for viewers while rocks and stumps remains as their chairs. However, in the middle of artificially created garden, the magnificent, lush and green area is always reserved for me. Quenching the thirst of nature amateur exploring beauty of nature beyond my lens has geared in outshining many who loves to reserve the area. Just like Tashi and Sonam, the saga of tasteless food and sleepless night has descended upon many lovers in the last few hours of their departure.

In the morning of 1st December, the sun was just above the horizon. many of the rooms were locked, some of my friends were packing their belongings to be reached far away land to Phuntsholing and Tashigang. I for the last time went to visit the site to say goodbye. No sooner did I enter the gate, I heard a whisper. anxiously but slowly I geared upon the path and saw Tashi and Sonam tieing the bond of love with kisses.I was numbed for a minute surprised. regretting for the visit, I could not move a minute otherwise my presence will be noticed.

"Excuse me, What are you doing here? Didn't you know people are hardly allowed in?" I said impatiently.
"Sorry Karma, we are here to make our last promise before departing home. the environment is supremely tranquil and silent here,"Tashi replied gratefully.
"It's okay.I have been maintaining the site since first visit." I replied regretting for the words.

"After seeing the stars dancing in the moonlit sky last evening, we were driven to see glittering sun beams of winter morning.The view is spectacular," Sonam said smiling.

Overwhelmed by their words, our conversation continued for an hour.
"Tashi...Tashi. the car has arrived please get ready,"Dorji called hurriedly.
Tashi geared towards his room to pack his belongings while Sonam disappear in a minute to her room.

As the sun climbed the horizon, I heard birds singing.The butterflies were busy waving their wings. I quickly glanced at my watch and saw it's 7:00 AM. I thought for a nap since I still have two hours before Tashigang Bus arrive.I set an alarm and rested on a green natural bed dreaming.
"Didn't your father come to pick you up?" Dorji asked smiling while Sonam packed her baggage.
"He said he is on the way"
"Where is Tashi, isn't he ready? I haven't seen him around an hour," she sounded so apprehensive.

Tashi quickly ran towards Sonam as the driver blew the horn.He hugged her for the last time and kissed her on forehead. As the car moved, tears pooled their eyes and all they could do was wave their hands.

The alarm did not ring nor did my friends come to wake me up. I was deeply into dreams in the garden.It was the bombing sounds that woke me up. Bombings were frequent those days as the high way  construction was in process. I hurriedly looked at the clock and saw I was late by 30 minutes.
For that moment nothing matters to me.Neither garden nor my belongings.I picked my phone and chased the bus in a Taxi until Chuzom bridge. The driver has just stopped for a breakfast.

Thanks to the road maintenance crew otherwise my last ticket of Tashigang Bus would have been missed. For the first time bombing sounds sooth like a melodies which otherwise I keep complaining of.
As the bus crossed  peaks and meadows, I ventured in to dreams tired by the incidences...