My imprisonment was never an outcry

I have heard of many similar summer calls, the most irritating and bothering call which I have no power to condem it. For years, I have settled with  mutual understanding between us. Though  I am not so kind have showered some sympathy on it for years and years.But, today an outrageous call arrive at wrong time which have stimulated every hormones and brain cells to respond very fast. The space between stimulus and response have been misutilised when I found a victim dead on the floor unwittingly. Luckily, with the absence of witness, I am saved from the life imprisonment  to three days. I would not have killed it if it has given me at least a miscall. But, for the victims soul I have performed all the rites and prayers." MAY YOU REST IN PEACE".For those who wished to hear the incidence, I will share with due permission from the victims soul and utmost respect from undertaker. May you take this into consideration.

In the evening of 16 th February, before my recent routine of prayers a different call rang.  " Pewww...Peww......"Pewwwww.....Pewww". I was surprised to see its early call at wrong time. I have warned many a time to atleast miscall me before call. But, it was heedless to my kind request. First, it slapped on my cheek and worsened my fairness which am really concern of. Second, it gave a very piercing bite on my leg. With much of compassion I have blown it with soft air and  guaranteed it to give full priority in June-July. Again after few second of our discussion it injected right in the middle of my forehead. My impatience have been activated with blood pressure on rise. I double slapped it and found dead in between two beautiful walls supported by five beautiful pillars in each walls. Then I said," Be punctual, don't be over sincered and disturb me". Only then I realised mosquitoes are really punctual than human to come in time. Though summer is yet to come, I could not think of the bites it has started from the late winter.

Malaria is what southern people are much concerned of. Even a particular medical staff has been placed to combat the disease in season. I now realise the change in climate with rising human population have severed impact on the lives of people. Mosquitos are rather sent to select the fittest one like Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. Because climate change is anthropogenic and Mosquitos have right to call anytime. Never blame Mosquitos blame yourself, if you court case in undertaker's place you will be life sentenced. I am luck to get three days of imprisonment.