*Foresters Guard Forest while you Guard Furniture*

Drinking from  the fountain of youth in the mystical land of Sarpang, I am compel to rekindle every maneuver from the freshing perspective. Before sunrise I soake myself in glittering sunbeams of winter morning. Before napping on bed, I witness the stars dancing in the moonlit sky. Between that enchanting environment, I have odyssey with with so vibrant and alive foresters of Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary. An astounding serenity within its enchanting environment is seen by every foresters of the land. Birds are our rhetorical singers, maneuver by trees are an impeccable dancers and jungle our most invited guest rooms and platform to showcase the talents of nature. Even then,  behind every forester there is always an awaited story to be narrated otherwise the social stigma of foresters being economically vibrant will never adjourne it.

I have seen days melting into weeks in those jungle enumerating the resources. I have felt the tears from every pores of my cells under scorching sun and, I have seen the hardships faced by those paramilitary in dense forests. Instead of taking this things into consideration,  with modernisation economic pressures are on rise, the support to conservationist are dwindling and those fanciful onlookers perceive foresters as barrier to their survival. Anthropogenic forest fires are on rise to comfort their small luxury like growth of lemon grasses in eastern Bhutan. Illegal acts are accelerating in fast pace like felling of trees, catching of fish without permit and smuggling of protected species. Waste is another thing to be concerned by the people, rather foresters collect and clean their own forest every 9th of the month as if it is the punishment given upon us for living in their area.

If you examine every forester at the end of the day, you will see their lifeless eyes with morbid expression powdered by  dust particles vividly.If you go in their offices you will see the offices under furnished in most cases. But, if you go with them in forest, you will see the solidarity enrapturing them. Just like civil cervants in towns, they will also love to have elegantly furnished offices with good Internet facilities but we don't have because we guard the trees while you guard the furniture. We clean your littered waste while you clean your houses. We guard the rivers while you drink the fresh water. We guard the wildlife while you adopt it as pet animals. And at end  we help build your houses while we stay in forests. But, I still don't understand the rational behind every people littering the forest irrespective of educated or not. Why their is still forest fires after so much of advocacies and awareness? Why their is still mischievous acts to foresters after they put their perseverance guarding your resources?

Brothers and sisters, do you know foresters had covered whole country on foot enumerating the forest. They produced a fact saying 81.27% of our country is under forest cover. For months and years they stayed in jungle while you enjoy happily with your family. You travel on cars but they walk by foot. They risk their lives from wild animals and poachers while you enjoy in towns. And still many says foresters are well paid. But, I say you are wrong. We are in to loss both physically and mentally. Compare our life in forest with yours in town. But, I can happily say we are contended because we are the guardian of country's core asset which is considered most prestigious. What is more important than air,water, soil and trees?. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are serving ladies and gentlemen then time has ripped to act as one and build a better nirvana for our younger generation.

Plant a tree, you plant a life. A tree takes 60-100 years to reach its rotation. It is at that period a tree reach its harvesting time. Do you think you can live 100 years? Don't you think planting a tree if successful is as good as planting a life? But, even if you cannot plant a tree atleast do not damage it. Even if you cannot pick the wastes please take care of your own wastes. You can do that because you are responsible for it. As lord Buddha said,"Forest are the peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for it's sustenance and extends protection to all beings offering shade even to the axeman who destroys it". Please save forest and value all foresters......

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