A Forester in the Middle of Virgin Forest

In the mystical land of Bhutan blessed by almighty lord Ugyen Guru, In the "subtropical zone" flourished by subtropical Himalayan forest lie Phibsoo Wilife Sanctuary the virgin conservation area bordered along Assam Duars. Despite being the smallest protected area in the country, the Sanctuary is rich in biodiversity starting from small herbs to charismatic wildlife like Elephants. The area is also known with presence of globally threatened species Golden Langur and Rufous-necked Hornbill. Sal forest and chital are best striking characteristics which outshine the protected area from all other parks,wildlife sanctuaries and strict nature reserve. The smallest conservation area covering 269 Sq.  km has become my stepping stone of career ladder. After a month of provision from park, I am taking some time to share my personal odyssey, a maneuver which one might consider an un-impeccable fanciful time consuming trash but I have longged to meet my passion of writing until today.

Sitted along a window side of Gelephu Bus, I enjoyed the spectacular view of the southern Bhutan with its enchanting environment on 16 th January 2017. It was a most thrilling and liberating time to leave the baggage of tiresome past. A setback with full of competition, worries and a saga of tasteless food and sleepless nights. Like most civil servants who join in service for the first time, I was also thrilled with 101 points in mind. Some worries, some happiness and above all awestruck about the working condition am to practically challenge. In fact,  I shouldn't have expected much not because am contended rather it is my job that I have sacrifice all other opportunity cost. Should a Forester expect the luxury other civil servants enjoy in towns? Rather, I should be striving to make this country's most important assets sustain perpetually for all generations to come with much of field and realistic work. With so much of thoughts running back-fro in mind I realised I have reached to my destination at Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary.

What would be your first thought if you were placed in the most sensitive area of the country? An area where Foresters are challenge not only by miscreants but also by dangerous animals like Elephants and Guar. Needless to say like you have heard of challenges to conservationist, some might have conceived it as bother less  story but it is rather a true challenge. My first question was," How is the area? Lot of answer were been given by many people who came from the different walks of life. Some young into job like me,few in to midway to bronze and silver medal and very few in fact only one to Gold medal. They answered," the area is quite good....good...okay.... but have to be more cautious and concern every time. The summer is being challenged with heavy downpours and large rivers. The small stream of today become a gigantic river in July.  The area is also risky not only from miscreants but also from wildlife".  Wildlife? "Yes wildlife, Elephants and Guar are the most dangerous animals Foresters challenge during patrolling because it is very common here." But, till today they were successful with their solidarity.

Days melted in to weeks and exactly a month today within its enchanting environment. My lifeless eyes have now become vigilant and vibrant enough to make me more cautious. My body is being filled with vitality and abundant energy. My morbid expression has now become so vibrant and alive after I put my full dedication and strenuous commitment to the job am working. All those words once told have faded and I once again become an energetic youth. Rather, I am enraptured everything with the thrilling moment and view. The sun rays dancing above the horizon before I soaked in to its glittering sunbeams. The twinkling  stars and charming moonlight have made me feel youthful to drink every moment from the fountain of youth. For me the virgin environment is a bliss.

Birding has become the most inspiring passion for many conservationist. The scope on it are at rise. Many mask their face with camera and binoculars every second. Unwittingly, I have also grown it's passion though I lack the resources for it. Attaching with them has given me the instinct to radiate an energy of positivity where I am to make some scope in the society. For birders it is a right place as it provide home to more than 300 species of bird. One can witness the birds absent in other region as the area is diversified being in subtropical region. Moreover, the area forms an edge between India and Bhutan making home to both the birds adjoint. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary though became operational only in few years ago is on the ladder to reach the final destination. The competent Forester and conservationist along with zealous Forestry officers is leading all the followers in right direction to explore the virginity of Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary.

*** Concluded for three moment, will get back soon***