Thank You All------- I did it because of you

It has been long since the last update of my blog. I am really sorry for it. Today I write to thank all individual and organization which has been acting as a stepping stones towards the pathway of my self discovery. Firstly, my heartfelt gratitude to the kings of Bhutan for your evergreen benevolence and benediction. Secondly, my emmense gratitudes to my parents; father, mother, brothers and sisters for their love and support and making me who I am today. I would also like to thank Royal Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Royal University of Bhutan and Department of Forest and Park Services for their continuous service during my self discovery. Moreover, I thank all teachers and friends for guiding me towards the right path and servicing when am in need. Thank You so Much.

Well, am pretty sure almost all of my supporters are happy with my new accomplishment as Forest Ranger. The opportunity cost of this course isn't a thing to be neglected by many. Otherwise, many may have opted for other degree courses but my way was different as I wanted to have qualification with experience. For a man like me, who is from a background of simple peasent, this is indeed a big achievement as I will be in the poisition to serve the country and my kins. I have travelled long, experienced much and realised the meaning of life in the last six months. I did not do my internship at capital city not because I don't like it. Every child and student will love to be at place where opportunities are right next to them. Infact, I statrted from Gasa, a place where country's second largest national park is located. I have explored the beauty of nature in every corner of the places and moreover I could learn the real pattern who park fuction.

Joining Wangdue Forest division for two moths has really made me compentent person. I was very lucky to have the conservationist who are very helpful and supportive. Not many of the students gets opportunity like me, a opportunity which makes people bold enough to face reality. I have travel many places to deal with people, and done inventory covering 30 km a day during that time. I have learnt beyound my expectation and am very bold enough to face the reality. Therefore, I thank Wangdue Forest division especially Forest Protection and Forest Resource Management Section for rendering such opportunities to me.

I realised the joy in the words of my parents. They have been waiting for this moment, a moment where father,mother, brother and sister dream for. I thank my parent and kins for their support in making me realise my dream. I as your son will work hard to be one ofbthe best person in the field am working for. Moreover, as a 60 th birth anniversary of my father and 56 th birth year to my mother, this achievement is dedicated for them a gift to my father and mother. Happy 60 Birth Year to Father and 56 Birth year to mother. May you live long to see your son shining in life...